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...Any overall comments? What I should focus on? What could I improve? All questions that I'm curious to know the answers to. :3

If you've got anything to say, please voice your opinions!


2012-07-08 13:56:23 by DeafAndDead

Hi guys. I'm a 15 year old from England, and I'm here to put out some music more than anything. I aspire to produce music in most genres, mostly in the Electronic genres. Alot of my stuff will have at least some elements of Ambience - none of it will be extremely heavy, and very little could be described as 'kinda heavy'...

But I might have a go.

I've already put some stuff up on SoundCloud, which'll be what I upload first.

My SoundCloud Link:

This one guy I know who makes awesome music too:

Check him out aswell as my stuff. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.